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Delta Epsilon Mu is dedicated to serving our local and national philanthropic organizations, Camp Korey and Camp Dragonfly Forest.
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Camp Korey is located in Washington state just an hour away from the University of Washington’s Seattle campus. It strives to empower children who have serious medical conditions and their families through life-changing experiences in a fun and safe environment with appropriate medical support. 

Camp Korey has grown to support more than 30 major medical condition groups and around 5,000 children and families. Every year, it hosts week-long summer camp sessions, family weekends, young adult retreats, and other events that aim to unite families facing medical conditions. Camp Korey relies on the community for support, and remains free of charge to all campers and families. 

For more information on Camp Korey’s mission, volunteer opportunities, and events, click here.


Meet Camper Skyler

Meet Camper Skyler

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Camp Dragonfly Forest, located in Pennsylvania, is dedicated to providing a safe, accessible and fun camp experience for all children.


It works to serve children with autism, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, down syndrome, sickle cell disease, hemophilia, and persistent asthma. The camp aims to provide a culture of inclusion, while fostering confidence and independence in each camper.


DEM members have the opportunity to serve as medical interns, counselors, and even unit leaders and activity directors at Camp Dragonfly. 


Delta Epsilon Mu works to support the children at these organizations through fundraising, as well as acts of kindness such as writing notes of encouragement.

For more information, click here


What's Great About Dragonfly Forest?

What's Great About Dragonfly Forest?

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