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Community Service

at delta Epsilon mu, we pride ourselves on our passion

to give back to the community in which we live. 


Mission Statement

As aspiring health care and health professionals, DEM believes that it is an important attribute to be an active and engaged participant in one’s community. DEM members are provided with and encouraged to take part in their own opportunities to better their local communities and create a positive impact for others around them.


In the past, members have taken part in community service activities such as helping in the kitchen at local adult shelters, cleaning up the streets of Seattle, setting up crafts for local children camps, participating in Relay for Life, etc. 

Other organizations we have partnered up with are Roots Adult Shelter, UW Medicine Mobile Health Clinic, and Adopt-a-Street. 


We hope to continue to create everlasting relationships with organizations around the Seattle area to make community service an integral part of Delta Epsilon Mu.

Our Actions

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